Orbital Motor

Orbital Motor

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Our orbital motor is predominantly deployed in for forestry, material handling, turf care, construction and agriculture usages. The engine is appropriate for both work functions and machine propel. It does the inner organs of special slowdown arrangement and can introduce it for compact area. The unique elevated pressure shaft seal allows elevated back tension devoid of an outer case drain at nearly every usage. Our orbital motor differs in size [rated movement] each revolution. It has useful speeds for largest as well as smallest sort. The program is described by specialized components speaking to countless usage and a piece of the program is portrayed by engines that can be adjusted to a provided usage. Our company deals in equal one to one substitution for VMR, VMP, OML, OMM, OMV, OMT, OMS, OMR and DANFOSS series engines.

Key Features
  • Seamless operation over the complete speed scope
  • High axial and radial bearing limit
  • For usage in both closed and open loop hydraulic systems
  • Has outstanding volumetric efficiency
  • Excellent disc spacing flow
  • Elevated tension shaft seal and least wear as well as tear
Our business alternatively deals in hydraulic motors replacement such as JMDG hydraulic motor, Kawasaki staffa, Rexroth, sauer danfoss, SAI hydromotor, intermit, M+S, zihyd, eaton, parkar and danfoss.